Cupola and gas fired furnace
The services of WOLTZ GmbH for the design and supply of production plants for stone and rock wool include:
  • Turnkey installation
  • Project planning and design
  • Our specialists install and erect our equipment. We offer on-site training on our reference partners' premises and are prepared to commission your plant.

The melting furnaces are designed for low energy consumption and for a long life of the refractories.

Our supplies and services include:

  • Gas-fired furnaces (capacity: 1,5 - 5 tons / h)
  • Gas-fired Cupola furnaces(capacity: 2,5 - 8 tons / h)
  • Coke - Cupola furnaces (capacity: 2,5 - 8 tons / h)
  • Refractories and insulation materials
  • Steel works and auxiliary
  • Steel recuperators
  • Burner system and control unit
  • Systems for minimizing the environmental impacts
  • Engineering, procurement, construction
  • Installation, start-up and commissioning

electrical control
feeder heating system
tank heating control
installation of glass tank
feeder of glass wool line




tank control visualization

3 d model furnace
cupola furnace