Flow bushing with plunger

WOLTZ GmbH has developed an advanced system to meet the precise glass flow control requirements.

We design, manufacture and supply systems for mass and temperature controlled glass flows to the fiberizing machines.

  • Computer calculated bushing design for specified temperature and flow rates
  • Bushing manufacturing made of platinum or special alloy
  • Small size, water cooled, high current transformers with thyristor control
  • Water cooled, flexible induction loss-free coaxial power cables
  • Exchangeable mouth pieces, even during operation
  • Valve type plunger manufactured of platinum or special alloy
  • Precise plunger positioning, manual and/or automatic according to the glass flow measuring signal
  • SPS-control system with operating panel (OP-system)



process glass control


flow bushing

glass flow control system


flow bushing

flow bushing




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