Precious metal design
These are the services of WOLTZ GmbH for the precious metal design:
  • We design any type of precious metal constructions, e. g. refractoring linings, wear protection constructions, heating elements.
  • We design any type of precious metal glass melting units.
  • We design any type of glass flow and feeding bushings.
  • We supply all types of heating and control units for precious metal constructions with special types of transformers, busbar systems and water-cooled high current cables.
  • We supply all kinds of heat-resistant housings and insulations for the precious metal constructions.
  • We provide after-sales services and carry out repairs. Furthermore, we offer to clean and to overhaul our customers' precious metal constructions.
  • We offer to our customers the possibility of leasing or purchasing precious metals.
  • We provide all handling procedures for precious metal supply provisions.
glass fiber bushing
glass fiber bushing




fiberizer basket
glass flow bushing

bushing design drawing


bushing / fin cooler

platinum feeder





special fiber bushing